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About Us

Thank you for visiting FlyHighUSA. Come on in and explore the many different RTF packages, DYI Kits, Parts & Accessories that we have to offer.  If you can’t find a package that is right for you, let us custom build one that meets and exceeds your needs.  I have over 30 years of RC flying & building experience. I started out like many of you as a kid flying really small toy airplanes and helicopters. Over the years I honed in on my skills as a pilot as well as reading everything I could get my hands on about the RC world. I always wanted a way to share my excitement and love of the RC World with other people but never had the opportunity to do so until now. With the love and support of my beautiful wife Laura, we started FlyHighUSA, a company focused on the latest leading technologies. Whether you are flying recreationally for fun, professionally such as, building, bridge and power line inspection even search & rescue is now possible with new technology like FLIR (thermal imaging).  We are a U.S. based company located in South Central Kentucky that uses only the highest quality parts that are thoroughly tested to the highest standards. So thank you again for stopping by, we look forward to making you our number one priority.



Unlimited phone support 7 days a week

We offer service and support on all of our multi-rotor equipment, before, during and after the sale of our products. Call us 7 days a week to speak with one of our technical specialists. We are here for you when you need us!


Custom Builds

We offer specialized multi-rotor packages custom-built to client specifications, tailored for unique and diverse needs. No matter if you need a lengthier flight-time, a larger payload-capacity, freedom to break free of line-of-sight requirements, or a versatile mixture of attributes, there are few applications we cannot build to suit.


Flexible Commercial Solutions

Whether your mapping farmland with our latest NDVI multi-rotor technology, using infrared and thermal devices to assist law enforcement, or getting the crucial shot for private or commercial ariel cinematography; we offer a wide range of functionality and stability, flight-time and load capacity to suit nearly every purpose.




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DJI full manufacturer warranty.
Phone and email support provided by FlyHighUSA.
The technology that you are purchasing is considered high-end UAS equipment. We highly recommend that you thoroughly read the manual before operating the equipment. Failure to do so can result in a negative outcome which may damage your equipment or cause it to malfunction. The FlyHighUSA team is here to help you along the way and want you to have the best experience possible. In the event that we are unable to resolve any issues, the product will need to be sent in to DJI After Sales Support for warranty repair or exchange.


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We Proudly Support Public Safety!

I Need Them, You Need Them, We All Need Them!

Please Support Your local Agencies

Public Safety UAS Response Team Saving Lives using DJI UAS!

Pilot (Garett Bryl)

We are Proud Members of the North Texas UAS Response Team!!!

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  1. Richard Castle

    Do you sell the light mounts separately without the lights? I have a 250 member department and we have plenty of light. I just need the mounts. Specifically the gimbal mount for our 210 and a mount for the Inspire 1

    1. FlyHighUSA

      Yes I would be happy to talk to you about selling you the housings only. My number is 270-473-1409 please give me a call

  2. Gregg Heath


    Need a quote for a Mavic 2 dual enterprise with and without smart controller. 3 batteries and fly more kit. This is for Murray State.

  3. Diego Dengg

    Is your rain shield also compatible with the Matrice 210 V2?
    Many thanks and kind regards


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