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Matrix I Ready To Fly

A very special thank you to ralph and his team at FlyHighUSA . I ordered a matrix I and after lengthy in-depth discussion on how to set up my matrix for my needs Ralph has put together a machine  that far exceeded my expectations. I live in Australia and although we do have people here that build all sorts of drones and quadcopters  non come even close to the enthusiasm and willingness to help you get what you want . In my 3 years of flying and dealing with people in Australia that build UAVs  I have found that FlyHigh USAs professionalism knowledge and the eagerness to help you is second to non. My only regret is not finding  FlyHighUSA earlier it would have saved me a lot of money , heartache and disappointments , although I must say shipping to Australia is not cheap I personally think it’s worth every penne knowing that not only do I get what I want I get a reliable extremely well build  machine that is ready to fly in any condition . I will not deal with anyone else anymore. FlyHighUSA all the way . thank you ralph for the best quad I have owned so far and I love the parachute system the peace of mind is absolutely priceless.



Michael KuehnCustomerAustralia