FlyHighUSA M200/210 Extreme Landing Gear
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FlyHighUSA M200/210 Extreme Landing Gear



FlyHighUSA M200/210 Extreme Landing Gear

Significant Decrease in Impact Shock

Protect your Sensors

Hydraulic Suspension

4″ Travel

Carbon Fiber/Onyx Construction

Tested and Proven Effective in Rough Terrain

Currently Used and Trusted By Fire and Police Agencies

Quick mounting and Unmounting




The Moore Extreme M200/M210 Landing Gear is the latest innovation from FlyHighUSA. We partnered with Aerospace Engineers to develop this Rough Terrain Landing Gear. PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 DAY LEAD TIME.

Rigorously tested in Tactical , real world situations where equipment must perform at the highest level possible. This Landing Gear allows for rapid, hard landings that normally crush stock landing gear such as the ones on the M210. The M210 is a phenomenal UAS and it seems the landing gear was just an afterthought.   Once we saw the problem we knew we had to come up with a solution. The Moore Extreme M200/210 Landing Gear is that solution. No more hard landings that tear up your expensive equipment. With up to a 75% drop in Shock forces that come from rapid deceleration. Protect your expensive and professional gear with the next logical choice.  100% Made & Assembled in the US at our facility in Ky. We take great pride in this amazing new product. Please call with any questions.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 in
Matrice 200 series

For Matrice 200 Series Version 1, For Matrice 200 Series Version 2


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