Dual Battery Mod Accessory pack
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Dual Battery Mod Accessory pack



Longer Flight Times

Redundancy for safety

Ease of installation (less than 5 min install)

Plug and Play

30+ min flight times



If you just purchased the FlyHighUSA custom DJI battery mod then this is the accessory pack you need to complete your order. We offer many different combinations for the ultimate in flight time and redundancy for the safest longest flights available in today’s industry. This is a dual 2000 mAh lipo pack and mounting tray that simply mounts to the bottom of the DJI Inspire and  it is a plug and play set up. No cutting wire, soldering, nothing. Simply mount to the Inspire, Turn on the power to the Inspire and then plug the accessory batteries into the modded DJI pack. Then have the longest flight you have ever had.

Longer Flight times 30+ min

Redundancy for safety ( Have a main pack failure NO PROBLEM) your bird will still fly.

Minimal added weight

Easy to install less than 2 min

No wiring plug and play

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 3 in


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