DJI Enterprise Wind 4 Industrial Rugged UAS

DJI Wind 4 Industrial Rugged UAS

IP 56 Rated For Extreme Condition

Heaviest Payload Capacity DJI Has To Offer

Extendable Landing Gear

Compatible Sensors X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R/Z30/FLIR DUO PROR

Compatible with third-party devices

RTK Optionally Available

Megaphone Attachment Available

Drop Box Avialable



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DJI Enterprise Wind 4 Industrial Rugged UAS

The Wind 4 is  The Most Powerful Quad-Copter With The Heaviest Payload Currently Available By DJI  ( Note: is collapsible down to the size of the M210 for easy transportation)

The Wind 4 is also The Most Weather Resistant Platform DJI Is Offering.

Comes With Industrial Pelican Case

Has A Max Total Take Off Weight of 21 kg

Fly With Single or Tandem Battery Configuration

Flight Times Of Up to 48 Min

Diagonal WheelBase of 1060 mm

Dual IMU, Single Compass with RTK available

Collapsible Landing Gear

Drop Box Available

HDMI input (Capable)

Second Battery Bay Capable

Capable Of Flying In Strong Winds

Single Lower Gimbal Setup

Custom Gimbal Setups Available upon request

E5000 Tuned Propulsion System With 4 At Maximum Thrust Generates Up To 120lb’s of Thrust.



E5000 Propulsion System


When it comes to power, these motors set the bar. Combined with the 1280 FOC ESC, the M10 generates a maximum of 10-15lbs of maximum thrust at sea level with 44v of input. This optimizes efficiency and allows the Wind 4 to surpass the flight times of even the Matrice series. The E5000 System is also weather-proof. The bearings and ESCs are weather-sealed, and the stator and circuitry are coated in a corrosive-proof coating. A cooling system and set of cooling fins are also used within the M10 motor.

Altogether, the E5000 is a revolutionary step ahead in providing the best efficiency for industrial applications.


Combining ultimate reliability with accurate flight control, the brand-new A3 series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic applications where reliability and customization are essential.

Water and Dust resistant• 22 lb Payload

• Foldable Arms, Extendable Landing Gear, Easy to Carry

• Onboard & Mobile SDK

• ZENMUSE X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R/Z30 Compatible

• Optional Optical Gas Imaging Sensor

• Optional Thermal Imaging

• Optional Sony E-Mount or 30x Optical Zoom Cameras

• Optional Megaphone,supply box

• Optional D-RTK, Manifold

• 3rd Party Device
• Water and dust resistance

• Motor/GPS/IMU Redundancy

• Portable and foldable design

• SDK development and customization

• Diagonal Distance 1060 mm

• Weight 11kg(with 1 DZ-12000 battery)

• Max Takeoff Weight 21 kg

• Max Payload Weight 10 kg(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Propulsion System E5000 Customized Version

• Adaption platform for third-party device Quick-release

• Basic Configuration IMU2,GPS1

• Structure Foldable arms

• HoveringTime 50mins(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Hovering Accuracy Vertical:±0.5 m,Horizontal: ±1.5 m

• Max Angular Velocity Yaw:150°/s

• Max Pitch Angle 25°

• Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s

• Max Descent Speed 3 m/s

• Max Wind Resistance 10m/s

• Max Speed 18 m/s




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