DJI Inspire Battery Mod TB48 (Black)
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DJI Inspire Battery Mod TB48 (Black)



DJI Inspire Battery Mod TB48

Increased flight time 25 to 35+ min

Redundancy for emergency situations

More Power, minimal added weight, longer missions without stopping



DJI Inspire Battery Mod TB48

Get unparalleled flight time with this modded DJI Inspire battery. FlyHighUSA does custom mods to many different types of batteries. This is the battery for you if you want extreme flight times. When paired with the correct dual set of 6 s lipo’s, you will easily get over 25 minutes of flight time. We have many different configurations available for different flight times as needed. Give us a call and let us explain the benefits of extra batteries on board like redundancy, Loose a pack during flight!!! No problem, you have back up power to spare. With so many DJI Inspire’s out there flying today with one battery it is a matter of time until the battery fails and then you have a catastrophic crash. All of that can be avoided by simply adding this simple to install package that eliminates the possibility of pack failure causing a crash. We have completed extensive testing and have found this system to be very dependable. Our custom DJI battery mods are completed in house by Ralph himself and are guaranteed to work.  

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 8 in


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